About Me

About Me

Welcome to my website mymoneysavvymom.com. You might be wondering why mymoneysavvymom.com? Well, in every story or in everyone’s life there’s always this person that served as an influence that made following a certain path easier, less complicated, encouraging and more meaningful which in my case, my wonderful mother!

I grew up knowing that we were not blessed financially. So as early as 5 years old I knew that finishing a degree and making money through hard work is the only option to be able to live comfortably. Fortunately, I am blessed to have a mother like my mother.

She didn’t finish her education and got married at a very early age but despite that, she raised 6 children and managed to budget the little money that my father was making at that time. When we were younger, while she was managing our household, she decided to open a little store in front of our house where she taught all of us how to work hard and make money with integrity.

She is not much of a disciplinarian as far as verbally but she showed me how to value hard work, honesty, integrity and money. The principle that she has ingrained in me remained intact as I believe in treating people the way I wanted to be treated, which I observed my mother practiced while running our tiny store which was prioritizing the principle of honesty and trust.


You Might Be Wondering

Why is my about me about my mother? Let me tell you about my story then.

When I was growing up, I was very close to my father but I saw that discipline of hard work, determination, and perseverance from my mother. With a little money, she was able to turn our life around. Growing up, we knew that we couldn’t have beautiful and expensive things but because she has a gift with turning things into something, she made it seems that what we had were of great values.

Like we have a small and very old house but because she is the way she is, she would clean and decorate our house with pride and joy. We grew up comfortably and well-bred due to her values. I remember going home after school feeling good because even though our house was small and old, it smells clean. From those drapes to the sheets and pillowcases, you can tell that she spent her day working in the house while we were all in school.

She raised us very well where we all value what we have, by being grateful, by living within our means and being savvy with money.


My Story

I am Nida and I am a nurse by profession. I practiced nursing for 26 years until last year, when I realized that my 2 children are both grown up and would rather be somewhere but our house and my other 2 younger daughters who are preteens were becoming so used to not having me as much.

I have been very career oriented and hardworking person. I believe in hard work and perseverance but I realized that those values are important but time with family is far more important. At the end of the day, we can replace those material things that we can buy from the money that we worked for but not those times lost that we should have spent with our family.

With my family (specifically my younger daughters) in mind, I decided to find ways to make money online in the premise of my own house so that I can spend time with them and be able to guide them well while they are going through this teenage phase (which can be very complicated nowadays).

I quit my job last year as a Nurse Navigator in one of the most prestigious hospitals in the country. I love being a nurse, I love helping patients and their families and I love assisting and mentoring coworkers, new nurses and new hires but I made the decision to prioritize my children because I don’t want to miss the growing years of my younger daughters as I already missed those of my 2 older children. Those times that I missed will never be taken back.

So, I rummage over the internet to find out what possibly can I do to make me an income while being at home managing my household and being with my kids. I came across this post about affiliate marketing, Wealthy Affiliate,  which after thorough research I decided to join.


If Others Can Do It, Why Can’t I

I decided to be an affiliate marketer as I know I have the perseverance and integrity to make it in the industry. I saw the potential and the profitability as I believe as long as one would invest through hard work and determination then failure is not possible.

I thought to myself, what could be harder than being a bedside nurse that I did for almost 20 plus years? What could be harder than trying to save lives by compressing a person’s chest or being hit or kicked by a mentally challenged patient who was having an agitation? What is more painful compare to being bullied at work and be dealing with a mean coworker and unfair boss or management.

If I was able to withstand those challenges for so many years then I could be the best affiliate marketer.


Why Do I Want To Help people

Because I know with the way our society is right now, a lot of people especially women would benefit from affiliate marketing. A lot of our young ones or youth nowadays are lost because parents are always busy working. We as parents spent more time working for someone else rather than spending time with our children.

We leave them by themselves at home at a young age of 13 y.o. or to some families even younger, with no guidance and supervision. Some kids without that guidance would be strayed and end up doing something that they are not supposed to be doing that puts them in danger or in trouble thus our society ends up in turmoil. Remember our future depends on the young but without that proper values, how can we rely on them?

I believe we can make our society much better if parents can be given a chance to work from home and be with their kids more. If parents have less stress by having that choice, parenting will be more focused and be less stressful which will enable parents to raise responsible and well-bred children.


My Mission By Building This Site

The reason why I started my spiel about my mother is that I want you to know that I am trustworthy. And that whatever is in my website upholds the highest integrity and principle. With those in mind, you can rest assured that I am here with the goal of helping and training each and everyone without hesitation.

My intention is to have an income doing affiliate marketing but without a doubt with pure intention of helping as well, by mentoring, coaching and sharing all those wonderful information, tricks and techniques there is to know about affiliate marketing, through website building, keywords, SEO’s, content creations, product reviews, etc.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate not knowing anything about this industry but with all those great mentors that are in there including the owners Kyle and Carson, I can say I have become efficient with it. The skills that I learned from them and the training are something to boast about and are those that I would like to pass along as I believe in giving back.

I am very excited and can’t wait for you to join me on this journey and making me as your mentor and coach in affiliate marketing. Let us get going and start building passive income and learn that wealth of information to make it all possible.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


Yours truly,





  • Ria

    Hello Nida,

    Thank you very much for sharing this information

    While I was browsing your blogs, I realized that there really was a human being behind your website.

    Congratulations for what you are doing in the internet world. I have found excellent information here.

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