Make Money Through Blogging

How Do You Make Money By Blogging

Isn’t making money through blogging a grand idea? Who does not need money? Or who don’t want to make money doing what they love?

Starting a blog is definitely a good idea, especially now that we are deep into internet usage. Everyone goes to the internet to scour for information.

As a writer/ blogger aside from being able to explore and share your interests with other people, it is also an excellent means to generate income by giving viewers what they are searching for.

Making money through blogging – whether it’s a hobby or a business is possible. It’s not a get rich quick scheme, but if you work hard and do it right, you could make enough to support your family and more.

Let’s dive in and see how you can make blogging a successful business.


How Do You Make Money By Blogging

To be successful with blogging you have to know the right way to do it. When I say the right way, you have to know that blogging with intention and one that would generate an income requires a systematic process.

A process in which will only be successful if your first intention in creating your content is to help people. Helping people through your content could only be achieved if it’s done insightfully and was researched well.

Each blogger has a different combination of monetizing their sites. Knowing those different types of income streams is helpful and can spark ideas, but if you try to jump into monetizing your blog before you’ve really built it, you run the risk of damaging the reputation you so desperately need.


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So How Do You Monetize Your Blogs

Start Creating Valuable Content


Without a valuable content visitor will find no use in visiting your website and will not waste their time reading your blogs, so once you’ve set your website up you need to focus your attention upon creating high-quality content that will convert.

What you choose to create will depend on the topic that you choose to write about or a niche. content

The key to creating content is to make it packed with information that your viewers are going to learn from.

Focus on creating content that changes people’s lives. Which in some way, people will value the most and eventually you will gain a good relationship with.


Build Trust With Your Audience And Engage With Them


As you consistently focus upon creating great content and targeting readers for your blog you’ll begin to notice people visiting your blog and engaging with your content.

At this point, you need to switch your focus to engaging with those readers and building a relationship.

Respond to comments, reach out to those readers personally and do everything that you can to keep them coming building a relationshipback again and again.

By building trust and engaging with your viewers you are starting to create a relationship with them which in turn will make your traffic and conversion higher as you will find that your viewers will spread the word about your blog for you which will make your blog widely read.

Having an engaged reader is also much easier to make money from.


Start Making Money From The Readership Through One Or More Of A Variety Of Income Streams

The first two steps of creating valuable content and building trust and engagement with those readers are important foundations that you really do need to get in place before you’ll be able to build long term income for your blog.

Yes, it is true, that what we’ve covered is a lot of work but if you do it well you’ll be setting yourself up in a good direction and will give yourself every opportunity of being able to make money from your blog.making money

With these foundations in place, you’re now ready to start attempting to make money from your blog but you do need to be aware that not just because you have set up your blog, have content and have engaged readers that the money will just flow automatically and continuously.

It takes consistent work and experimentation to make money from your blog.


The following are the lists of income streams you can try to make money through blogging:


Begin Displaying Ads


This is where many bloggers started. This model of making money from blogs is not different from how a magazine or newspaper sells ads. As your traffic and brand grow you’ll find advertisers will be willing to pay to get exposure to your audiences.

While you need decent traffic to do a direct deal with advertisers, there are ad networks like Google AdSense that act as a middleman that allows smaller publishers to run ads on their blogs if they want to pursue display ads because it is so easy to set up.

This is where many bloggers start (I did too).

This is where a banner or links are used to direct your readers to their direct sites to purchase or avail of products or services that your blogs or website led them to in which you will generate commissions based on the agreement.

Typically, they are positioned on your site in the sidebar, header, footer or within your content. They are also known as banner ads.

Advertisers hope that your visitor will then click on those images to explore and purchase the products or services they offer.


Join An Affiliate Program


Affiliate promotions are the most common type of income that some bloggers have.

To simply put it, an affiliate link is when you attach a link to a product that is for sale on another site take Amazon for example and if someone follows your link and ends up buying that product you earn a commission on that sale.

There’s more to it than that but this is another great place to start with monetizing your blog as affiliate programs are easy to sign up for and if you have an engaged audience you will find that they will follow your recommendations on a certain product.


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Membership Programs


Another growing category of income that is getting more and more popular is when bloggers experiment on recurring income streams which also called continuity programs or membership programs.

This is where readers pay a regular recurring fee usually on a monthly or yearly basis for joining a platform to have access to either premium content, a community platform, some kind of service, tools, coaching or combination of all these things.


Promoting a Business


Many brick and mortar businesses and online businesses also indirectly making money from their blogs by using their valuable content to grow their profile and direct readers to their business.

Through content creation on their websites, traffic will increase, which viewers, in turn, will be encouraged to look at their products that will eventually be converted into sales.


Offering Services


Many bloggers make money by offering services to their readers. These can be from coaching and consulting, to writing or copywriting, to design training, website developing or other freelance services.


Selling Products


Some bloggers source of income is through selling eBooks and courses on their blogs. These ‘virtual products’ takes a lot of work to create but have been lucrative for many bloggers.

The other type of products some bloggers sell is physical products. This is most common when the blogger has a business in which bloggers will have some merchandise produced for them to sell like T-shirts, mugs, etc.


Food For Thoughts

You can see there are a lot of ways to make money through blogging.

Most full time bloggers make money more than one way and end up with multiple income streams.

Diversifying your income by following those different ways to monetize your blogs is smart and helps you spread the risk from having all your eggs in one basket but it also speeds up the journey to going full time.

Do you have other ideas that I should know, please share them. If you have any suggestions, questions and comments please comment down below. If you like this post, please share it.



  • Todd Matthews

    Awesome article, and what really jumped out at me here was promoting a business and membership programs, two endeavors I haven’t yet researched. I’ve actually written my own articles about ads, selling one’s own products (as I do), and definitely affiliate marketing. It just goes to show that there’s always something new to learn in the online marketing industry. 

    • admin

      Hi Todd,

      Thank you for your comment.  You are right, there is always something to learn about blogging and the strategies in monetizing them.

      As for promoting a business, I think now those are the ones that are called “influencers”. I have received quite a few offers emailed to me but the offers are not as promising yet and the products are not within my niche.

       For membership programs, I have come across some sites that offer the same as what Wealthy Affiliate offers but on a smaller scale and only offers classes.

      I wish you all the best on your online business Todd.


  • Josh

    Making money blogging is an excellent way anyone can start making money online. Even better is the fact that it’s also a low cost way people can start making money.

    I actually have my own blog, and I personally struggle with creating content for it… there’s specifically one reason for that and it’s because I actually complete articles but then don’t post them because they’re not “perfect” enough. The sad part is I think they provide some value… so it’s definitely something I need to overcome.

    So my words of wisdom to anyone reading this is DO NOT be fearful of writing the absolutely perfect blog post. Because fear currently is the only thing holding me back and I’m slowly overcoming this.

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom on how others can earn a solid income by blogging!

    • admin

      Hi Josh,

      Trust and have faith in yourself. We are our worst critic. Believe me, I don’t know how many times I caught my posts with wrong grammars and spellings that even spell checkers didn’t catch. Always remember that it’s not set in stone so you could always edit it. Values in our content are what our readers are after most of the time.

      As for the monetization of our blogs, isn’t it amazing that there are several different ways to use as strategies?

      Thank you for your comment. I wish you all the best.


  • Christopher

    Hi Nida:

    I’m so glad you mentioned the importance of good content. In the beginning, I was so anxious to make money, I set up too many affiliate links before having enough quality information. So, since I had no traffic, all those links didn’t have any benefit.

    You’ve mentioned selling virtual products such as e-books. I hope that I’ll get to the point where I can do that as another income stream.

    Even though I’ve not made money, I’m so glad I choose WA as my hosting platform. It’s worth the price!


    • admin

      Hi Christopher,

      Thank you for your comment. There are several ways to monetize our sites and blogging but content creation is really the source of the revenues as no one will click the links if there is no valuable content. As a viewer myself, I don’t like bloggers that are trying to sell first rather than giving contents that are useful to me.

      I am sure with your determination, e-books creation will come your way at the right time

      I wish you all the best.


  • Clarissa

    Hi, this was a great article:) I just started blogging back in January with the WA program and I love it and have learned so much on how to make money online with some good hard work. Not to mention I love writing and helping people so I feel that this is so for me😊 How long have you been blogging? Have a great day.   


    • admin

      Hi Clarissa,

      Thank you. Welcome to the blogging world! Good to hear that so far you are loving it. It is really important to create valuable content before thinking of monetizing your website/blogs as you have to build trust. But once you have created multiple valuable contents then the possibilities in making money are endless.

      I started blogging in 2009 but had to shut down my old website as I was busy with full-time work and 4 kids. And honestly, I didn’t know much about monetizing it. Then I started blogging again and built a new website last year in December after I quit my job to be a fulltime mom.

      Anyways, I wish you all the best.


  • Effie

    This is a great read, Nida! I have recently adopted the “laptop lifestyle” and I learn new things every single day. I had never heard of Membership Programs and I wonder if you could give me more details on them. Thank you so much!

    • Nida Ventura

      Hi Effie,

      Thank you for stopping by. Yes, upon my research, I found out that there are several websites nowadays that offer courses, lectures, and podcasts about website building, content creation, click funnel, product reviews, etc. However, they mostly require upfront credit card payments which one has to be very careful from falling to these offers as there may be some (I don’t want to say all) that have no valuable lessons in there.

      I know that from experience as I have fallen prey to video products that cost me a lot of money, only to find out that those courses are the same as what you can access on youtube.

      Thank you again for your comment.


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