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How To Build A High Traffic Website—–Factors To Consider

I started blogging few years ago and back then I didn’t know much about the ins and out of website building, traffic, SEO, keyword etc. I had to pay someone to build my website and so all I did was blog on my free time according to what I feel like writing.

So there’s no consistency and my topic was so broad that made it so hard to determine my target audience. And the goal is basically not as much as to help others but to just tell a story, some with values and some are just narratives of what goes on with my daily life.

I wanted to monetize it then but since I didn’t have much knowledge and had no time to learn the specifics of how to be successful in it, so I decided to take the site down.

I guess I can say, I’ve grown up and has had more experiences in life and gained more wisdom. My writing back then was meaningful, but I only create for the purpose of sharing.

Yes, sharing is a good thing but wouldn’t it be more meaningful if you shared something of high value and will touch people’s lives positively.

Back then it was not as easy to build a website compare to today. Technology has really come a long way. So now is the time to take advantage of this advancement.

But we all know that having a website with a lot following is not easy, it takes a lot of effort and time. So, if you don’t already have a website CLICK HERE as I have a post that is specifically for beginners in which the focus is How To Start With Affiliate Marketing which is a comprehensive beginner’s guide.

On that post, I talked about affiliate marketing for beginners in depth including how to build a website. So I suggest that you read that post first before you read this one. Here’s the Link.


How To Build A High Traffic Website

In this post I will mainly focus on those strategies after you have built your website, which will drive a lot of traffic and ultimately will build a consistent following. Those are the visitors that will keep coming back to your site.

We all know that having high traffic is not only what makes a site successful, it is ultimately the high conversion rate. Typically, you earn your commission when a visitor clicks on the ads which then will take them to the advertiser’s website.

Conversion is important because it means how many of your visitor you convert into a paying customers, those that ends up buying through your site by clicking those links.

But..there’s a BIG BUT…..

Is money your only motivation for your website?

I asked that question because to be able to have a successful website and one that drives a lot of traffic, the main goal is to help people first and to provide a high quality content.

So let’s dig in as we have to talk about those factors that makes a website a highly visited one.

Create a content

5 Strategies In Building A High Traffic Website

1.Create High Quality Content


When writing a content I think of myself as an audience. I imagine myself as the one typing a phrase on search engine to get an answer or find a valuable solution to a problem. With that in mind, I make it a point to write as much information as I can on a given topic or keyword with the best possible information so as the audience will get the time that they spent on my website worthy.

I try to provide as much genuine value to my content and make it as relevant as possible. I want to have a positive impact on my audience through my writing by creating content that is not only of high value but something that will raise their awareness and will urge them to share my website to others.

I believe in writing for quality versus quantity. Some bloggers can produce content every day and some can create 2 blogs in one day. I have high respect for those that can write every day and still produce a high quality one. Although, some, because they want an early turn around on their site by building more content, in the long run causes some harm to their site as the value in their content suffers.

By building a high quality content you also build trust with your audience which in turn will yield to audience retention and loyalty. Satisfied customers will then refer your website to others and may even be someone who will end up promoting your site. Isn’t that a win win situation?

It’s like going to a restaurant that has a very nice facade but as soon as you tried their food and service, you realized that their quality is poor. Which will make you not go back to that restaurant anymore, right? So they lost that opportunity of people referring their place and service to others.

High quality content requires time and effort to make but at the end it will generate you high traffic. So each time you write, your focus should be making the best possible content where your visitor will feel the need to tell their friends and family about you.

Word of mouth to me is the best promotion and it’s FREE.


2. Treat Your Visitors With Genuine Care


In this industry where the lure of income possibility is endless, it is very easy to get trapped in creating posts or content that is only for selfish intent and that is to make money.

Do not treat your visitors as numbers, they are human beings like you who came to your website for information. Write truthfully and be transparent. In every article that you write, you leave a piece of you as the writer. Your visitor will feel that and will have a knowledge of you.

Make it known that you are genuine and honest with whatever you’re writing. Make them feel special by writing something that they can relate to. Don’t be afraid to tell them who you are with the way you write.

Always remember, each one of us has a story to tell. Each one of us has that unique tale that only you can share. We all can learn from each other. Create an authority over your own story in your style of writing that no one else can copy. Which leads me to the next strategy…

3. Be original


As I have mentioned above, we are all unique and has our own way of writing style. Stay original. Do not be compelled to copy others. Each writing style has it’s own audience. It maybe that by writing a high quality content will make you change one’s perspective and that visitor may end up liking your style and content and will end up frequenting your site.

Being original will make your visitor separate you from the rest and the perception of you will only be for you and so it eliminates you from being generalized just like the rest. Original high quality content is like building a store where only you sell those products.

It’s a solid foundation that is built to last longer. And since it’s only you who can create such writing style your visitor will keep coming back to your website because they will not find your kind of content anywhere else.

4. Show Your Audience The Real You


One of my favorite writer and blogger is Katrina Kennison, she is the famous author of The Gift Of An Ordinary Day and Magical Journey: An Apprenticeship in Contentment. She intertwines her life as a mother, daughter, friend and a wife in her writing.

There is not a lot of separation set between her life and her writing which makes it beautiful and adoring. She lets people see a glimpse of her life because she knows that there’s value in it. She knows that even though she is unique, her life is not, it’s the same as others. The message of going through something the same or familiar as the writer, gives audience that familiarity.

Not everyone reacts to the same situation or events similarly, so it could be that telling them your story and by letting them see the glimpse of your life and what you have gone through will give them an insight of something valuable.

By being mindful of the impact that you can make on people is something great. It is a responsibility that you give yourself by creating a high quality content that tells your audience about you.

If my experiences in life and challenges can be turned to a positive one by serving as an example or forewarn others then I am happy. That to me brings in sharing and blogging to a greater height.

Showing your audience the real you is creating a relationship with your audiences that is based on authenticity and integrity. If you can create friendship through your writing, why not?

5. Be Personable With Your Audience


This maybe is the last in this list but definitely one that is very important as well.

Treat your audience as a human being. Just like I said do not treat them as a number. Don’t treat them as just one of those that left a comment on your post. Be willing to be personable with them. Respond to them as a friend who you can share or offer insight on a more personal level.

I read posts too and I follow bloggers as well. I get turned off by bloggers or writers who forget where they came from. They respond to comments vaguely and does not acknowledge half of what the audience’s message. Some rushes and responds mindlessly .

Like for instance I left a comment to a certain blogger’s post and her response was based on her opinion and didn’t take the time to grasp the real intent of my message. On that particular comment I also added a short personal story but she neglected to acknowledge that, which maybe an isolated incident but she neglected the fact that each one of our audience’s comment is very important and one that she  could have taken advantage of as that visitor may not come back to her site again.

But the most that I hate are those that does not find the time to respond at all as they have so many comments already in their blogs. I get that it is time-consuming when  traffic gets really high, but isn’t that what we  wanted to have in the first place?

Then get with it, if an assistant is already necessary then hire one as it may lead to visitors going away.


Parting Thoughts

Do your best to help your visitor and show them genuine concern. Create a positive impact through your writing. With all these in mind, I can guarantee you high traffic website where you will generate a nice income from.

If you have anything to add to these strategies, please let me know. For any questions and comments, please leave them down below. And if you find this post valuable, please share it. Thank you!





  • Babs

    I am impressed with the wealth of information on this site for us moms out there that want to provide more for our families. You really give some great ideas throughout these pages, and the thoughts on this page are so true.

    I believe that by being real and connecting with your audience, that’s how you can resonate with them. People like people who are like them. They like people who have the same struggles, and they listen to those people.

    Great insights!


    • Nida Ventura

      Hi Babs. Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your comment.

      Yes you are right. We love to be with people that we can relate to and can understand us.

      As for means of providing for our family as moms, if you have more questions, please let me know. Thank you again and have a blessed day!


  • Effie

    I wish I could offer my readers a cup of coffee! This is what I think every time I receive a comment. I love reading and responding to them. This procedure is a kind of direct communication with every unique person that reads my articles. It’s engagement and connection that form a community. Thanks for your article, Nida!

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