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How To Make Money By Helping Others

As early as 5 years old, I remember praying religiously about having the ability to make more money so I can help others, especially my family. Having been raised in a poverty-stricken place, it was heartwarming just to see families who were genuinely happy just because they were able to afford 3 meals all throughout the day as it was common for people where I grew up to skip meals due to lack of money.

The street where I grew up has slewed of children that would roam the street and didn’t have the ability to enjoy life as other normal kids as they started working at an early age. Some would pick up an old newspaper, tins, bottles, etc from different houses to resell in a junk shop nearby.

Others would work in the wet market nearby us to help carry crates of vegetables, meats, and fish for merchants just so they can give their mother the money to buy food. A lot of these poor kids didn’t even go to school as they needed to work rather than sit in school.

Me personally, at the age of 5 y.o. I would help my mother in her tiny store in front of our house while the rest of my siblings were in school. My mother taught me how to give change and had me memorize each item prices so that I didn’t have to bother her while she’s doing housework.

When I turned 7 y.o. I began working for a guy who would pick up ylang-ylang flowers from a ylang ylang tree next to our house in the morning before school. So while he was on top of the tree picking flowers, those that would end up on the ground, I’d gather and placed them neatly in his basket. Every time, I would see him come to pick flowers I was excited because that means I would make one peso and so I have money for lunch in school.


How To Make Money By Helping Others

My experiences when I was a child taught me early in life that someday I will try to help others. Having been in the situation of needing help before, made me more open to giving and helping. There’s this part of me that would not wish others to experience the hardship that I have been through when I was younger.

Helping others can be in different forms, although most people prefer monetary assistance, I believe helping people to gain knowledge and know how is more valuable. Serving others either by profession or vocation is another way too.

I am a nurse, although I don’t practice it anymore, I have a website designated mainly for health and wellness in which all the articles in there were created for the purpose of helping others. It’s designed to create discussions about healthcare issues and has topics that are created to help with disease prevention and information. Click here if you want to check it out.

I worked as a nurse for 26 years. It is not a secret to anybody that being a nurse is not easy. I consider it a profession but at the same time a vocation. Being a nurse is having the proper knowledge to care for the sick but with that comes putting aside our needs behind our patients.

As a nurse, one skill that we profess that is very crucial is prioritization. Most of us are great with prioritizing our patient’s needs but yet we neglect to prioritize ours. We teach our patients to not skip meals, eat healthily, live a healthy life, not to hold their urine, etc, but yet we neglect to practice those ourselves. We forget to practice what we preach! Do we do that by intention or is it because of those enormous duties that we have?

During that 12 hours shift, there are endless tasks and unexpected situations that occur. We have tasks that most of the time were just impossible to finish on time if we don’t sacrifice our needs. But why am I telling you all these?

It’s because I believe that the nursing profession is one good example of making money by helping others. We deal with sick individuals and we help them to the best of our abilities.


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Helping Through Affiliate Marketing

I quit my job as a nurse last year. It was a very hard decision as I love my profession. I love helping patients and their families. I love the people that I worked with and it is my passion to help new and student nurses. It makes me feel so fulfilled every time I see a patient getting better or able to reach their wellness goals. My satisfaction as a person and a nurse are beyond fulfilled whenever I get to train new nurses as well.

My decision to quit my job was for the purpose of staying home for my 2 preteen daughters. One advocacy of mine is to be able to raise my kids well to be a good citizen of the society but if I am very busy with my profession and juggling all my responsibilities as a nurse, wife, and mother how would I be able to focus on my two daughters?

I have to admit, my family life dwindled down when my 2 older kids became teenagers. Teenage issues, taking care of two younger daughters, having a husband who also works full time and working as a nurse placed a toll on our family life thus the decision to be a stay home mom and a full-time housewife came about.

Why and how did I get in affiliate marketing?

Last year, as soon as I quit, I was already thinking of how I am going to spend my days when my kids are in school. I knew I will be busy with chores but I was trying to find ways to still make money as a stay at home mom. So, I scour the internet and landed on a page in social media where a link about Wealthy Affiliate was located.

I spent time reading about it. I researched and went on different sites and wallah! I told myself, this is it! This is what I need to do because I need to be at home with my children. It’s perfect because I love writing and disseminating information.

It’s just what I needed to be doing because I knew I could go start a website about nursing and reached out to people and help through topics and articles or content creation. Through my website, I can share experiences and techniques which I know will be beneficial as I have 26 years of nursing experience under my belt.

Making Money By Helping Others In Affiliate Marketing

You see, in affiliate marketing, you can choose a niche which is any topic of your interest, passion or hobby that you believe you can write endless articles about. Since it is a topic that you are passionate about, you will be able to create high-quality content about that topic. People will think about YOU when they are looking for solutions to the problems relating to your field because they know you deliver valuable content.

So everything starts with a niche with a goal of helping then the rest will follow. Pick one topic that you know you are a PRO at. If you feel that there are certain areas that you needed help with as we all have rooms for growth, be diligent with research.

Offer assistance and promote products that are going to be helpful for your audience and is related to your niche. Promote only those products and services that you believe in. Just like any other industry, honesty and integrity are very important. Your audience will keep going to your site as a reference because you gained their trust. You’d like to build trust and a good relationship with your targeted audience as that will promote your success.


helping people in affiliate marketing

In affiliate marketing, trust and good relationship with your audience lead to a high conversion rate in which they will either buy products or avail of services through your website.

So the key take away here is, focus on your main goal to HELP people first by creating high-quality content on your website. Be genuine about it. When you focus on helping, you will have a long term success online.

Always look for ways to help your audience, and to offer them value. Which would result in a good reputation, trust, and authority within your niche. Which ultimately will result in more profitable business.


Parting Words

Even though I am not active as a nurse anymore, I believe working with affiliate marketing is something of almost the same value as long as the focus is HELPING others.

To become a successful online marketer you should start with this one thing: provide incredible value to your audience. Know your readers wants and needs and promote the right products that will help you make more sales even while you are asleep.

Let me know your thoughts on affiliate marketing. Please share your thoughts in the comments down below.


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  • Queen

    I have a growing up situation similar to yours, though I never thought of helping others at an early age as you did, the background and growing up situation is all very familiar

    Fast forward to here and now, I am now an affiliate marketer, who started up about a year ago

    And just like you said, the secret of success with affiliate marketing is helping people. Because once you are able to offer help and solve someone’s problem

    They, in turn, will be able to trust you and be willing to try out anything you recommend to them

    Your article is very much on point.


    • admin

      Hi Queen,

      Sometimes, I do wonder if I would still be the way I am if I didn’t go through hardships when I was young. Did you ever ask that same question?

      Thank you so much for sharing a little bit of your story with me. Yes, helping others is very rewarding which we all in the near future will be reaping. 

      Take care.


  • Taetske

    Good Morning Nida,

    On the About Me page, I read your life story. You were lucky to have parents who were a good example to you. 

    To have worked as a nurse for 26 years is a long time. It is a hard but also a rewarding job especially when you see a patient going home healthy again.

    You are right, to have a successful website you have to build up a good relationship with your readers. When you recommend a service or product they have to trust you. Only like that, your business will flourish.

    Regards, Taetske

    • admin

      Hi Taetske,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post and my about me as well. I am truly blessed to have such a mother who served as a good example to me. 

      Nursing is truly rewarding, it’s a gift to be able to make people feel better that I can compare with affiliate marketing in the aspect of creating a high-quality content where people can benefit something from.

      Again thank you.


  • David

    Thanks for sharing such an informative and inspiring article. There is no better way to help people other than sharing your story and personal experience which you did a great job with. Affiliate marketing is a sure way to improve your income not only for a stay home mom but for everyone that wishes to improve their income and I couldn’t agree with you less about doing so via the Wealthy Affiliate platform. 

    Your advice about to create  trust and good relationship with your audience which lead to a high conversion rate in which they will either buy products or avail of services through your website is definitely something i will try.

    Thanks for sharing once again.


    • admin

      Hi David,

      Thank you for your appreciation of my post. Yes, I believe that in no time, we all will reap the benefits if we follow that main goal of helping others. 

      And yes, trust is so important with any business we do. Create an honest trusting relationship with your audience and your audience will not only be the one to buy from your site but their friends and family too as I believe in the free promo which is the word of mouth.

      Take care.


  • Dave

    Hi Nida

    This is a really good post. I’m a dad of two young sons; I work away from home during the week. So, not only am I lonely and separated from them and my wife (not literally) during the week, my wife is also busy, taking care of the boys and house etc.

    I also like helping people; my desire is to help with learning math and science, which is what my site is dedicated to.

    I’m waiting to see revenue and then my decision to leave my ‘job’ will be easier. 🙂

    Your post is definitely encouraging.



    • admin

      Hi Dave,

      Thank you. I totally can understand your sadness over your situation. I would like to say that you still should feel good about yourself as you are sacrificing something for your family also. I do not think that you would choose this situation if you have a lot of options.

      The good thing is the success is coming in no time with your passion for helping people with your niche.

      I wish you all the best.



  • manuel

    I think it would be really difficult if anyone involved in affiliate marketing does not put the needs of their audience first. The main focus of affiliate marketing is in helping others. If you can achieve this then you would be amazed at just how huge your affiliate marketing can grow into which is why it is encouraged that we go into a niche we are passionate about and have some knowledge about so we can be able to help others that are in need of one help or the other in that particular niche. 

    • admin

      Hi Manuel,

      Yes, it is indeed going to be difficult to achieve success in this industry if we don’t put our visitor’s needs first. Thank you for your comment.


  • George

    Hello. Sorry to hear that you had a rough childhood. But you grew up to be a nurse caring for people. Let me tell you from experience that me who had food and clothes and all the normal things, those things are not enough to make you a decent person.

    On the contrary, if you have more than are required, you become spoiled and develop bad habits.

    Now on this age that we all might be behind screens, affiliate marketing is a good way to keep helping people. You got the mentality of helping so it’s like the continuum of what you did before.

    I hope you succeed and live happily with your family.

    • admin

      Hi George,

      Thank you for your heartwarming comment. You are right, material things most of the time does not help how we become. It is our experiences and the wisdom we gained from them.

      I believe there’s a purpose, who would think that I will be in affiliate marketing after several years and would help people in this manner?

      Thank you again.


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