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How To Start With Affiliate Marketing—A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide

I was tossing and turning, I was so uneasy because I just lost my job! Let me clarify that. I didn’t get fired, I quit my job. I guess, there’s a difference there because I opted to leave the job.

It was not easy to get to that decision, for a parent especially. But for how many months, the thought of going to work made me so uneasy. I hated the idea of leaving my two preteen kids at home by themselves and I also have been so unhappy with the job that I vacated because the tasks got so mundane and rushed as it’s becoming so profit driven instead of patient care driven.

You guess it right, yes I am a nurse!


The Day I Quit My Job

December 1 of last year to be exact, the day I decided I am not going to come to work anymore! That’s it. I’ve had it! I’ve had enough of the politics of work and the healthcare conundrums in which their tag line is really not in line with what is actually being practiced.

I have never done anything else outside of health care. It’s actually scary! And I have never been a stay at home mom also except for few months before when I had to take maternity leave or on those few occasions that I stayed a month to be with my daughter for medical leave but a part from that no.

I don’t even know If I can stand it as I have been used to moving around and making a living. I asked myself, what have I gotten myself into?

Gladly ‘though, my motherly instinct was stronger than ever and so the thought of being with my children every day and be able to spend more meaningful time with them overpowered my worries of not having a job. The pure intention of being a full time wife and mother made me so excited!

I told myself “self, you are finally doing it! You finally found the courage to do what you have been dreaming of be a full time housewife and a mother”!


Extra Income Is Essential

Although at the back of my mind I know that an extra income is still essential so I scour the internet for different opportunities. I patiently looked for different ideas to make money while being a stay at home mom. Until finally, I clicked through this post on the internet that led me to this affiliate program which at first sounds too good to be true.

But after signing up for free and listened to one of the lectures and looked around the platform, I got hooked and became an affiliate marketer as I saw how much opportunity there is in this industry.

Who could resist the lure of passive income through affiliate marketing? If you are willing to work hard, persevere, be patient and willing to put in the time then success in affiliate marketing could be very well yours.

In this post you will learn everything you need to know about starting to be an affiliate marketer. What are the step by step ways to build an online business and be an effective marketer in which making money through affiliate links is possible anywhere you choose to work.

As a stay at home mom this is what I am doing and I would like to help those that’s been looking to make a passive income, just like me, in the comfort of their own home a reality.

Alright..let’s get going as we have a lot to talk about.

a beginner's guide to affiliate marketing

How To Start With Affiliate Marketing—A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide

As a beginner, It is important to be involved in a platform that is not only going to teach you a step by step process about affiliate marketing but also has an endless opportunity for tricks of the trade and resources. I would not have the knowledge and resources that I have now if not for the platform that I am member of.

The following are just portions of what I learned amongst those enormous information that I have gotten.

I have broken down the steps for you that will guide you to get going and have you make that commission in no time.

But first let me ask you a question? Do you know how does affiliate marketing will make you money? Let me discuss that first then…


How Does Affiliate Marketing Will Make You Money?

As any beginner, you may start out making a few dollars here and there with affiliate marketing until you learn the industry well. As you are learning what your target audience are most interested in you will get the hang of maneuvering your strategies for more profit.

In affiliate marketing, you basically make a commission through an affiliate link that you placed on your site. If someone visited your site and clicked on that link and complete a transaction by purchasing then you could get the percentage of that sale. It could be a percentage of a sale, fees for generating a lead or larger sum of money if someone signs up for a subscription.

There are different affiliate programs and they all have different percentage that they pay affiliate marketers with. Amazon, Google AdSense, EBay, to name a few, have affiliate programs. Once you applied and get accepted they will let you know how much you can make from each lead, conversion or sale.

Alright, now that you have an idea of how affiliate marketing works…let us proceed!


So How Do You Start With Affiliate Marketing

Pick a Niche

What is a niche? A niche is an area of a market specializing in one type of specific topic/subject, product or service. For example, you may choose to write just anything about headphones or cell phones etc. and focus on doing reviews and narration about them.

Choosing a niche is a process of narrowing or targeting a group of people or audience in a larger market with a common specific interest. Some people would choose to write about animals but a more targeted niche would choose to only focus on cats or dogs etc.

One criterion that I find a lot of people are doing is they write or build a website focusing on what they are passionate about. It’s easier and inspiring to write on something that you are very aware of and is very much of high interest to you right?

Or some people will find a niche or a product that is profitable which is alright too. If you take that route it will of course require a lot of research and some would even go and try out different products or services for more accurate reviews.


Whatever direction you go to in finding a niche it is important to meet these goals:

  • It should offer your visitors or target audience helpful and quality content that would address their question or your site should be something that they will find a solution with, if they have a problem or a question with a certain product or a subject that you are focusing on.
  • See if the subject/ topic you chose is something you can write 20, 40, 80 and more blog posts about. It should be a topic where you can dissect into many layers where a 1000 words minimum will be your content each time, targeting the goals of helping people in finding answers to their questions.
  • And of course, you should be able to monetize on this particular niche that you picked, so research well whether the market for this certain niche is not too saturated or if there’s enough market for it and are there affiliate programs for it because if there’s none then you will have none to promote where you can monetize on.


Build a Website

So you know what your niche is going to be. You have an idea of how affiliate marketing works and you researched those products that you can promote together with their affiliate programs.

If you don’t already have a website built, then this step is next. One good thing is, it has become easier to build a site unlike before. While being tech savvy can come in handy, it really is not a requirement to have any tech knowledge to set up your website.

Personally I have used other program or host before but I was not satisfied. So my recommendation is to use SiteRubix website builder which has WordPress framework. It is very easy to use and widely used framework for building websites.

Choosing and buying a domain is easy in SiteRubix. What is a domain, you might be wondering.

Domain is the address for your website. Make sure to get ready with different options of web address as it is possible that the domain you want may have already been taken by someone else.

You already have a web address or a domain so now it’s time to choose to host. Hosting is where you are going to place your website as the physical location where it is going to live. Click below to find out about SiteRubix where you can create your website for FREE.


===>Build a website for FREE by clicking below and you could have a fully functioning WordPress site in no time<===


Now that you have a website, what’s next?


Find and Join an Affiliate Program

You picked your niche and has done some research about affiliate programs that is related to your niche so now you have to apply to affiliate programs and choose the right products to promote on your website.


—–Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing an affiliate program or products to promote-

  • Find out the amount of commission you will get from the products. Make sure the programs that you signed up for is profitable and generates sufficient return of investment.
  • Building trust with your audience is very important so make sure that the products or services that you plan to promote is of good quality or something that you believe in. It must be relevant to your niche and be very knowledgeable of the product/ services. It is a big advantage if you have tried it, but if not make sure you have done a thorough research about it.
  • Ask yourself if you want to be associated with the product or services, Don’t do it just for money. Always look out for your audience’s welfare. Be genuinely helpful. Lead your audience to products and services that are worth buying and using.

Now, the most important part of a website. The reason and the main commodity why people visit and frequents different sites. Content!!!


Content creation

Producing content is the most important and time-consuming task but yet is the most rewarding as your audience relies on those. Make sure your content is excellent and done in good taste. The goal is to build authority in your chosen niche so creating good high quality content consistently is a must.

Your content may be in the form of blog posts that is relevant to your niche that tells your audience a story which will address problems, questions or issues. It is very important to use the right keyword that your target audience uses to search on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Content can also be product/ service reviews which if done well is proven to be very effective way of generating higher commissions.

Now let’s touch base on keyword as I have mentioned how important keyword is in your site specifically in creation of content.


What is keyword?

As an affiliate marketer it is very important to know what keyword is and how do you research them.

Keyword is a phrase or terms /questions that your target audience or your visitors may have likely typed in Google to search for a certain product or services and their reviews. It could also be that they have questions and they are looking for solutions or answers.

Researching for the right keywords is essential for your site to rank higher on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Jaaxy is the best by far that I have used to do my keyword research. Click below to find out more about it.




Next is…


Promoting Your Site To Build An Audience

Your following or audience will increase in no time as you produce consistent high quality content. One of the easiest and most common way of promoting your site is through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Engaging and consistent posting of relevant topics on your pages in social media will build you an interested following that can lead to opportunities of building relationships and trust that may in turn will lead to sales or leads by promoting products and services to them.

You can also build an email list which is crucial for affiliate marketers. You can do so by encouraging your audience to sign up for your updates which you then can use by sending contents to these audiences via email and then direct them to your affiliate offers. Again it is very important to build trust with your audiences so that they will gladly purchase through your site.

Paid advertising through social media is another way to generate traffic that may drive more sales. This strategy is not as expensive that is why this is a good place to start to promote your website.


Final Thoughts

I know it sounds tedious and overwhelming to do all these that are needed to be able to build a successful website. But as you established a following and trusted audience, your hard work will pay off and soon you’ll be able to reap the benefits which is monetizing your site.

For as long as the goal of helping your audience is one of your mission then you can never be wrong!

To top it all off, I would like to mention the platform where I learned all that I know about affiliate marketing. I highly recommend the said platform as they have endless resources and the support from the owners down to the members are those that I think money can’t buy.


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Wealthy Affiliate


For any questions, suggestions or comments please leave them down below. If you feel that affiliate marketing is something you can do then I believe you will benefit from joining Wealthy Affiliate. Please click above to find what the platform is all about and join as a FREE member!


Make that “working anywhere you want “possible! Turn that dream of becoming your own boss a reality! Please share your thoughts below and share this post to others. If you need any help with affiliate marketing, I will be happy to assist you.


  • Carol5162

    You are really one of the courageous people. How many people have the guts to just wake up and decide that they are done with formal employment? Quitting is not easy especially if you don’t have saved up income. But then again, it is very difficult to save money when someone else is determining how much you earn. They will basically have you living a hand to mouth lifestyle.

    You have broken up the steps in a very easy to comprehend manner. Thanks for your very informative articles.  

    • admin

      Hi Carol,

      Thank you. I realized that. It is not easy to make that kind of decision, you are right, as we have bills to pay and family members that rely on us but sometimes courage is what we all need to make things happen. And I believe with courage, hard work and the determination to help others then we can never go wrong. It just takes patience.

      I appreciate you. Thank you for your comment.


  • Pronay Pappu

    Hey there!!

    What an excellent article you wrote about Affiliate marketing! You really did a nice job man. What you shared about  Affiliate marketing are great.

    Just like you, I also decided to join Affiliate Marketing. Yeah, I’m also a member of WA(Wealthy Affiliate). But I’m new in this area. I love this platform. It’s really a nice source to earn money. I would like to share my story about it.

     Last 2 months ago I wanted to earn money from online. I tried many platforms and I also installed many types of apps for making money. But all are fake and I lost my important time.Then my best friend suggests I try Affiliate marketing which I paid a little amount to join. 

    Then I started some work inside WA. And believe I love it. It never disappoints me. I work here in my free times. So it won’t get in the way of my studies. Actually, I haven’t build up a website yet. Because I still don’t have much idea about how can it work. But now I understand. So, I’m going to build up a website and will start working on that.

    It really is a good platform in this generation. Where do you think this platform will head over in the next generation?

    Thanks for writing this and sharing with us.

    • admin

      Hi there,

      Thank you for your comment and for sharing me your story. I am glad I was able to give you more insight about Affiliate marketing. 

      Sorry about your misleading experiences. Yes, there are a lot of scams out there so be very careful. The good thing ‘though is, now you are in a great platform that will truly help you once you apply all those knowledge that you will acquire from their training. 

      Good luck to you and to your new endeavor.


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