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How To Write A Blog Post For SEO {That Will Help Your Blog Rank Fast}

Often times, I would hear some bloggers especially the new ones, asking why is my content not getting indexed by Google or how long before I get a rank #1 on Google?

Ranking well in the major search engines means added visibility for your blog which eventually would turn into conversions, so you could start making money through your blog posts on your website. The rule often changes. Google who is the leader among the major search engines, generate somewhere in the neighborhood of 90% of all web traffic on the internet.

So, obviously ranking is of vital importance as your blogs are much likely will be seen more in Google than in any other medium on the internet.

Having the knowledge of how SEO helps the search engines rank pages can be incredibly helpful especially for SEO newbies. Once you acquire that basic know how on why other bloggers are winning and ranking, then you can modify your strategies to rank as well.

So, what is SEO? Wikipedia defined SEO as the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic, increasing visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine. SEO refers to the improvement of unpaid results, and excludes the purchase of paid placement.

It is every bloggers and websites owner’s goal to get lots of ranking in Google and other search engines and to do so for FREE.

SEO is a long term free traffic that we all would like to attain. It is an opportunity that we all can take advantage of as billions of people search all day on the internet looking for answer, reading product reviews, shopping and finding solutions to their problems.

It is funny how we hear almost everybody says “GOOGLE IT” when one does not know the answer to a particular question. Isn’t amazing how we can find answer to almost everything on Google…it is basically on the tip of our fingers!

So now is the time to take advantage of SEO where you can start making money online by ranking.

Here are the ways then that SEO can help your blog rank well.


How To Write A Blog Post For SEO—That Will Help Your Blog Rank

How To Write A Blog For SEO

The following are the basic guidelines that will serve as your focus when blogging so let’s dig in.

Keyword Research And Selection


Keyword research when blogging is of great importance. It is what makes visitors/readers find your website content when they are searching for information or if they want an answer to their questions.

So what is keyword and what are the factors that make keyword very important in blogging?

A keyword is the single word or phrases that are used as a search query. It is a word or a phrase that they type on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Researching and choosing the right keyword according to your niche is the right process to attract the right visitors to your website. Keyword research ensures that your blogs are going to be visible to your audience. The more targeted and optimized your Keywords are and the higher the value of the content that you created around those keywords will give you a much higher chance of being on the higher rank of search engine where the audience can easily find you thus your likelihood of getting sales increases.

Researching and using a keyword to build your post around is what’s going to take your post to masses. So I suggest using a keyword tool that will help your keyword research and selection much easier.

By using Wealthy Affiliate’s tool which is Jaaxy you are able to research for the keyword that has low competition but are high in traffic that will make you rank higher in Google’s search results and get consistent free traffic to your site.

Click the image below to try it out for free!

Keyword research tool Jaaxy

Content Structure

It is essential to keep in mind that you are not writing for a magazine, a school paper, or a doctoral thesis when you are writing content for your website. Web readers are “skimmers.” Keep your paragraphs short.

Don’t pull creative writing technique on your content where your audience needs to think deeper. Simplicity is the key. Therefore, there’s no need to write using deep phrases or words that are hard to understand.

Use simple and familiar words. Let us admit that most of us content writers like to sound fancy and deep. We like to embellish and make ourselves sounds better than we actually are.

The usual web reader has a very short attention span. If your content looks daunting your site visitor may just leave. So write in simple sentences without sacrificing the quality of your content.

The message that you want your visitor to come across should be accurate, relevant and convincing.

Your content has to be straight to the point where your visitor will not find it unworthy to keep reading your content for information. You have to remember most readers are hunting for information. It has to offer what your target audience is looking for.

It is also a really good idea to include images into your content that are eye-catching and has a message that is captioned well as they tend to evoke emotion. Just make sure your images are consistent with your content.

Be sure to have subheadings and some bold highlighting of your content. If the regular internet reader skims you want them to at least focus on the bold main points.Your sub headlines has to have the important elements of your topic. Use easy to scan bullet points without too much wordiness.This idea is to get your reader to remember your content so they will return.

According to Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox, research says that only 16% of people read web posts word for word. Most people scan. So aim to write for scanners where your headline communicates what your content is all about.


Content Length

I read recently that not even the experts can agree on the ideal length for a blog or article. On one hand, we know that website visitors are skimmers and has short attention span. By these standards you should be pushing for lower word count articles to ensure more of your work gets read. The downside to this is that Google and other search engines prefers longer contents with 1,000- 2,000 words at least.

This is because research indicates that the top ten results in Google searches consistently returns pages with at least 2,000 words, and hitting a high word count is essential for the sake of SEO.

Long contents also have a higher reader engagement, which can be seen in the number of comments it receives and Increases the number of quality back links the article receives.

But because, sharing is caring. I am sharing you my favorite tool and one that comes with some unbelievable features. It is described as “a Writer’s Dream” in the platform where I belong in (where I learn all the basic of blogging, SEO, marketing etc).

Click here if you want to find out about this platform that will teach you the most up to date techniques about blogging and affiliate marketing.



SiteContent in Wealthy Affiliate


This is my favorite writing tool which is called SiteContent. This is where I create all my content where a template was already preset or if you prefer to set your own template you can do that too. It’s features are as follows:

  • critical grammar and spelling checks
  • duplicate content checker
  • automated publishing directly to your website
  • writing goals and accomplishments
  • SEO analysis and checks
  • content structure analysis
  • ability to template content
  • vocabulary enhancement suggestions
  • it has tons of images that you can embed on your blog post

SiteContent is a dream come true for me as I have been wanting a template where I can load images for free and has a template that can guide me. It checks my spellings, grammar and even suggests a better vocabulary to use (how cool is that?).

As you can see on the image, as I was creating my content, it has a word count, a header and a paragraph tab where it tells me if I am reaching my template goal.

Anyways, I can only tell you so much. It is best if you check it out yourself by clicking HERE. I assure you, you’ll love it too!

Site Engagement

How do you handle site engagement on your blog with your audience? Site engagement is a gateway in building a community with your audience through blog commenting.

When you constantly receive comments on your blog posts, you’ll have a good scoring on audience/visitor engagement and when you constantly respond to the comments left on your blog, you’ll have a very high scoring on your personal engagement. These are carried out on your site and you’ll quickly improve a page rank in Google.

Respond to your audience comments in a timely manner and emphatically where you treat them with respect and aim to build an authority over you content post by answering some more questions intently when being asked. Offer suggestions and genuinely offer some help if needed.

Ask your audience to leave their comments after reading

Asking your audience to leave you comments is a strategy for building an ideal blog audience and a good way to make people contribute to your post which Google regards so much.

It’s highly likely that readers who would have clicked away from your blog will not step away without leaving a valuable comment upon asking them to do so.

Another tool that holds dear to my heart as I am building authority in my website is the SiteComment which is also included in the platform that I belong to.


SiteComment In Wealthy Affiliate

Here you can offer comment for as long as there are someone who are requesting for one on their post that matches your criteria. You can set up criteria of what topic you would only want to comment on depending on your interest. For every point that you get for offering comments you get eligibility to ask for comments yourself. For a minimum of 2 points you can request for a comment.

So the more comments you give the more you get. But if you are pressed for time and can’t give comments to others, you also have the chance to buy points where you can pay $10.00 for 20 point credits which is not bad, as site engagement builds your rank in search engine.

But if you are the type of person who has time to comment on other’s post and is willing to help others by giving them valuable and engaging comments then the platform will award you with a price which is not much but enough to get you the comments you deserve on your own post for free. Amazing right?

if you want to find out more about SiteComment and the other features that I have talked about so far, click HERE.





Generally speaking, SEO results grow over time. It could be between 6-12 months depending on type of SEO techniques that you perform on your site and your content creation.

But I think the most important key element in website building and content creation is the foundation which is the Fundamental Knowledge in blogging for success. Without a proper training, it will take longer and harder for you to succeed or achieve your goal of monetizing your contents.

In any given industry, there are specifics that we need to learn that only experts can give us. It is the same in blogging wherein you don’t write something out of the blue. There has to be a direction and intention. There are quite a bits of strategies that needs to be taken into consideration that one blog post cannot cover.

So I suggest learning from the experts by clicking HERE.


Food For Thought

Search engine Optimization can be complex if you don’t know how it works. There are actually books that is entirely written about it. There are numerous of blog posts dedicated to the subject in which some makes the process becoming more complicated as time goes on. However, the basics of SEO will never change.

Create content that people want to read and will be compelled to share. Market it to them honestly and be genuine in helping others. Do these over and over again as you blog and post content then SEO will work in your favor in making your blog rank well!

Please leave me a comment down below. If you have questions or needs help, please ask me and I will try my best to help. Thank you.



  • Stormy

    Hey there, I really enjoyed your article. I’m new to blogging and the whole concept of SEO myself, so I found the information really helpful. I’ve been doing a lot of research lately. How long did it take you to get your site up in the Google rankings with your blogging and SEO skills?

    • admin

      Hi Stormy,

      Thank you. I am glad I was able to give you more information about SEO and blogging. Research is very important so good job. 

      It took a few months actually to get up in the Google ranking. Getting acquainted with keyword research, selection and content creation are very important, that’s where Google will base their ranking from. So keep at it.

      I wish you all the best. 


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