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What Is Website Content Writing–How Important Is It In Affiliate Marketing

Web content are the texts, images, audio and videos that are found on websites that are specified or directed on a certain topic, ideas, facts or statements.

Content has to serve the main purposes of informing, educating, entertaining, updating or promoting a certain product, business or services.

Website Content Writing therefore has to be mindful, clear, precise or accurate, organize, relevant and should be able to catch people’s attention so as readers will keep on reading your content for messages to be conveyed, otherwise your content will be useless and will serve no purpose.


What Should Website Contents Requirements?

Website content is your way of communicating or the language that you speak with your target audience. It has to be good and relayed effectively to increase your traffic and engagement between your readers or followers.


Let Me Breakdown And Discuss Each Content Requirements That Could Potentially Increase Your Conversions


Your content has to be straight to the point where your visitor will not find it unworthy to keep reading your content for information. You have to remember most readers are hunting for information. They just want to make a quick decision if a certain product or service is right or not or else they will move to another website.

It has to offer what your target audience is looking for. Web visitors does not like to stay long to find a review of a product or information. They are impatient and would like to find it quickly.

The message that you want your visitor to come across should be accurate, relevant and convincing as they want to make a quick decision.

Therefore, there’s no need to write using deep phrases or words that are hard to understand. Just like I said they are in a hurry to get the information that they are looking for and it should be in an instant. So write in simple sentences without sacrificing the quality of your content.

Don’t pull creative writing technique on your content where your audience needs to think. Simplicity is the key.

According to Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox, research says that only 16% of people read web posts word for word. Most people scan. So aim to write for scanners where your headline communicates what your content is all about.

Your sub headlines has to have the important elements of your topic. The image used has to be eye-catching and has a message that is captioned well that will make your audience take action which is to buy!

Make sure to check the lay out, headlines, page loads and mobile friendliness of your website. Your affiliate links should also be positioned well where you would not lose potential conversion.

Use easy to scan bullet points without too much wordiness.

Let me stress, use simple and familiar words. Let us admit that most of us content writers like to sound fancy and deep. We like to embellish and make ourselves sounds better than we actually are.

Make your content easy to read by using short sentences, no unnecessary words, no jargon, avoiding redundancy, address your visitors directly by using “you” and shorten your texts.

Each page in your website should be easy to scan and your navigation bar should be user-friendly or instead include links or buttons to guide people where to go next on each page. There should be a call to action telling visitor where to go whether to read another blog post, sign up for your email, newsletter, check out a product and its description or add the product to a shopping cart.

Find the best keywords. Use phrases and words that your potential customers are typing in search engines like Google. Aim to help and be useful. Make sure that your audience can easily see the benefits that he/she will get from the product or services that she/he came to look for in your website not just the features.

Aside from finding a good keyword, post content that buyers are really looking for like product comparisons, best of’s or list or tell a story. Telling a story is my favorite as I like posts or contents that are relatable. A lot of audience finds it appealing when they feel that the story is somewhat personable and unique to their liking. Be very careful not to make up something ‘though.

Increase the visual appeal of your website by considering the font sizes, highlights, bold texts, CAPS or italics. Organize and add white space to make your content easier to read and to increase trust. Use quotes from experts if possible to add credibility.

Beware of big offensive flashy banners that can turn your reader off but instead place links and ads seamlessly and strategically.

By replacing texts with videos and photographs sometimes help with your website’s appeal too.

And lastly your content should be original and is of good quality.


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Now let’s move on to the importance of Website Content Writing In Affiliate Marketing.

Average Daily Viewers


The Importance Of Website Content Writing In Affiliate Marketing

Reasons why content writers has to follow certain requirements in content writing are as follows:

  • Content gets more and more important with every Google update as you have to be recognized by them and your target market.
  • You need to generate organic traffic to your website and build genuine authority on your chosen niche.
  • Your content is your way of communicating to your target market that is why it has to be effective so you could increase your conversion which will eventually lead to monetizing your website.
  • It has to draw attention to the products you are promoting so that your readers will take action by actually buying the product.
  • The main goal really is to yield high traffic with good engagement that will lead to high conversion that will monetize your website through your good quality and beneficial content.

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The Reality About Content Creation

Content is a sought after commodity on the web. People frequent blogs, chat rooms, billions of web pages etc. because of its contents. We, content creators, writers or bloggers makes it easier for consumers to choose the product or services through our product reviews and information.

It is highly important to be very mindful of the foundation that you are laying on your website. Content written with quality over quantity should be your main goal on your website for it to  gain its authority and traction on the web for a long time!

For any questions, comments and suggestions please leave them down below. I would love to hear from you!



  • Effie

    You outlined the importance of content thoroughly, Nida. It is one of the most important factors that bring traffic to a website. Well written, relevant, easy to read and helpful. One question: what are the factors that define quality? I was always wondering about it! Thank you so much!

    • Nida Ventura

      Thank you Effie for stopping by. Appreciate it You gave an idea for another topic to discuss which is about quality.

      To answer your question..a few factor that I believe should be considered for quality are content that are geared towards helping your audience answer his/her questions. A content that has clearly defined keyword. relevant to the niche, inspiring, educational, entertaining and accurate to name a few.

      I hope I answered your question, if there’s anything I can assist you, please let me know.


  • Dave Sweney

    Website content writing is crucial to affiliate marketing from my own experiences to now. Over the past 4 years, I have built a number of websites, and in various niches, and the content has always been the central focal point for each of them. It is what draws in your traffic if done correctly (and at no cost either for paid ads).

    You have covered all of the points that I consider to be of utmost importance too as you create that content that is needed. From the style of writing to the keywords to then making sure that certain SEO (search engine optimization) requirements are completed, all must be factored in.  

    The last bit of advice that you add sums it all up well: Think quality over quantity, and pay attention to the points that you have added is what I would add. It does not have to be a hard thing to do, but the content is an area of your online business that will make or break you, so proper attention needs to be paid attention to it.

    • admin

      Hi Dave,

      Thank you for your comment. I agree with all that you have mentioned about content creation and SEO. Your comment speaks of knowledge and expertise. 

      Again thank you for stopping by.


  • Stella

    Yes, you’re right to drive relevant traffic to your website, you have to create engaging content. By doing so, you can make the monetization of your products, website, blog or content very easy. This will also allow your write-up ranked in the Google search engine. 

    Apart from ranking and monetization, writing without relevant engagement and traffic can discourage anybody from creating more content. 

    The self-explained headline in write up can allow easy understanding even when scanning through the content. It will encourage engagement because of it’s good contents as good as the information it is relaying. Content is very important in affiliate marketing. When content is awful, how will people get to grab reasonable information about the product you are reviewing?

    • admin

      Hi Stella,

      Thank you for your comment. What you mentioned are all true. Content is the driving force of a website. It has to be valuable and engaging to get people’s interest.

      Wish you all the best.


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