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Why Become An Affiliate Marketer—-What Are The Benefits

What really is affiliate marketing? What are the benefits of becoming one?

Have you thought of becoming an affiliate marketer? Or better yet, have you thought of becoming your own boss? What if I tell you that becoming an affiliate marketer comes with numerous benefits and will not cost you a lot.

Affiliate marketing has become one of the most sought after means of making money online for years now and it is still growing. With massive amount of merchants and with the way our technology has evolved, ecommerce has grown exponentially.

Major stores and brands has incorporated affiliate programs in their online business model as well and this trend is becoming so famous as people have been flocking on the internet not only to make money but also to purchase and avail of services.

With more than 3 billion people online, now is the time to become an affiliate marketer. The world we are living in depends significantly on technology in which the marketing space is vast. For as long as there is business there will be revenue sharing, that’s why affiliate marketing’s presence on the web keeps growing and growing.


What Is Affiliate Marketting

Let me start by defining what really is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a strategy which involves promoting a product or services of a certain company for a fee. There are tons of company to choose from that has affiliate programs. It is free to join and once you get accepted you will be given links that is  unique to you  where they can track your sales through your website where  you will  promote their products or services from.

Affiliate marketing is performance based, businesses only pays commission for completed sales transactions. Companies today are saving millions of dollars of marketing costs and are growing their business at a faster rate due to affiliate marketing. let us dig in and see what are the benefits of becoming an affiliate marketer.


Why Become An Affiliate Marketer

The choice of becoming an affiliate marketer came at the right time for me. It was late last year when I quit my job and decided to be a stay home mom as I wanted to be with my 2 daughters that are about to enter teenage life.

I wanted to be there for them and guide them during this phase. So I focused my time as a stay at home mom not only by being there for them but also by learning affiliate marketing. I have been aspiring to try my hands on running my own business anyways.

Fortunately I got introduced to a platform that is reliable and has everything an affiliate marketer needs. It is a platform that comes as a package where everything you need as an affiliate marketer is there. You never had to go anywhere else for other services. Click here, if you want to learn more about that platform.


So let’s further examine the reasons why I delved in to this kind of business venture:

working from home

The Benefits Of Becoming An Affiliate Marketer

You Can Work Anywhere You Want At Your Own Time And Pace

As a stay at home mom, this type of venture is the best. I can do my task at home and take care of my family’s needs first and then just hop into my office and do my work. The hustle and bustle of getting up so early in the morning, dressing up and getting ready for work is not something I am up for anymore which I am sure not a lot of people are also as those takes away essential time that you could be spending for your family. Not to mention, the hustle of driving to work.

You can set your own work schedule and choose where to work, all you need is an internet enabled device. Some affiliate marketer lives a laptop lifestyle where they travel and work anywhere they want which I have done whenever I am on vacation.

You have to have discipline and perseverance ‘though as it is easy to get distracted when you are in your own home.



You Are Your Own Boss

There is nothing better than working on your own terms and setting your own working hours to your advantage. It is liberating and at the same time exciting. If you have the determination and does not mind taking risks for future gain then affiliate marketing is for you.

But if you are the type who likes immediate gratification, affiliate marketing is not going to fulfill that for you. You may have to put in months of consistent publishing first which will eventually pay off with persistence.

How would you feel when one day after so many months of blogging, you all of a sudden found out that you made money while you were sleeping? The method works, it just takes patience and hard work.

Blogging to me is a form of creativity and it can be fun but it is by no means easy especially if your aim is to create a high quality content. However, the nature of this work has high opportunities for being compensated multiple times for as long as you aim to do your best to create content that will help you visitors.



It Does Not Take A Lot Of Money To Start

When I started in affiliate marketing, my only investment was the eagerness to learn and the willingness to persevere as I was ready to be working for myself. I didn’t have to pay anybody to build my website as I learned how to by joining an affiliate platform where they taught me everything I know in affiliate marketing.

Although eventually, I had to invest with a little money as I opted to be a PREMIUM member as it gives more access to all the training and other benefits that the platform offers which is all worth it. Click HERE to check it out. Joining is FREE.

Starting an online business does not require a significant amount of financial investment. This is a kind of venture that is appropriate for stay at home mom and dad, retirees, disabled individuals, part-time employees or even full time employees who has the need for a back up income.



The Industry Is Enormous And Is Continously Thriving

Affiliate marketing’s presence on the web will only keep growing. For as long as there’s business there will be affiliate marketing. As I mentioned earlier, more and more major stores and businesses are beginning to incorporate affiliate program in their online business model which will continue to grow.

Due to that, affiliate marketing is here to stay. It is a solid and reliable business model where high income potential is guaranteed.



The Choices Of Products To Promote Are Massive And It’s Right At Your Fingertip

You will never run out of products to promote. The choices are unlimited which makes this business model reliable and appealing. For as long as the product you chose to promote is in line with your niche then you are on your way to making profit.

And what makes me become more interested in this industry is I get to write reviews on products that I know so much as I used them a lot. Isn’t it amazing to make people’s life’s easier by sharing them those information about the products that are very familiar to you?

By offering an honest review of a certain product you saved your visitor that headache and money of purchasing something that is not worth buying.

Due to so many options of products to choose from, there’s always that opportunity to try out different products to promote if one didn’t work out. You will never run out of products or services to choose from.



Balanced Lifestyle Is Easily Achievable

The ability to work on your schedule anywhere you want on your own terms gives you the flexibility that you need especially if you have a family. By not having to deal with difficult co-workers or a boss eliminates that added stress that makes working for yourself very ideal.

That politics of work is something that is getting difficult to contend with also when you have been putting up with it for several years, which can be another cause of stress.

We all know that stress causes a lot of health problems not to mention the strain that it can give a relationship. Personally, as a nurse I had to make that decision of leaving a profession that I love so dearly because of stress and to be able to be with my children more.

Long commute and traffic is another reason I switched to affiliate marketing. Those wasted time due to commute, is now being reclaimed by spending more time with my kids and husband. I am able to give myself that extra “me” time also that was hard to avail before as I don’t own my time.


Final Thoughts

Any business venture requires effort, time, dedication, determination and some degree of financial investment. For any venture there will always be challenges that you will face. Building a successful affiliate business is not a “walk in the park” by any means but with todays technology its now easier than ever for anyone to get started.

So what are you waiting for, affiliate marketing could be for you!

If you have any questions or comments please leave them down below. I would love to hear them.

If you want to know more about the affiliate platform that I am highly recommending and one that is very reliable and has a comprehensive guide to be an affiliate marketing, click HERE.

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  • Effie

    What I like more in the “laptop lifestyle” is the freedom it gives me to work on a beach, in a cafe, in the backyard, in the airport, in a few words, everywhere!
    I can decide the amount of time I will dedicate to my website and when to blog. There are many nights when I can’t sleep and instead of wasting time in bed, I work.
    Great read, Nida! Thanks for reminding me how wonderful Wealthy Affiliate is and how much it has taught me!

    • Nida Ventura

      Thank you Effie. The benefits that Affiliate marketing is giving us are truly amazing. Having to work for ourselves gives us that freedom that a regular 9-5 can’t offer. And just like you, without Wealthy Affiliate, I wouldn’t have known what I know now with Affiliate marketing. Thank you for stopping by.


  • Carol5162

    Affiliate marketing has been here for a long time. The lads that started working on them a long time ago are making it big time. We are lucky to be in this age as it gets simpler by the day.

    And who doesn’t want to work from anywhere in the world? I am glad that I am an affiliate marketer with Wealthy Affiliate. And true, it takes time and patience, which is something everyone should master if they want that FREEDOM!

    • admin

      Hi Carol,

      Thank you for stopping by. You are so right that it gets easier as days go by for as long as one is hardworking. And who would not want to work for themselves,  be their own boss and be able to work anywhere in the world, right?

      Wishing you great success.


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