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Why Is It Important To Know Your Audience (Tips To Define Your Blog’s Target Audience)

Identifying a target audience helps you develop effective communication strategies. A target audience is a set of individuals sharing similar needs or characteristics that your blogging hopes to serve. These individuals are usually the end users most likely to follow you all throughout and they will eventually be converted into buying those products or services that you are endorsing.

The key to being successful with blogging is the ability to effectively research and expand upon a specific audience. By focusing content on a more narrowed audience gives you a specific idea on marketing strategies and to be able to research specifically on keywords that you will blog about.

Keywords which can then be targeted within your article and your website SEO through blog posts and pages.

In other words, apart from delivering high-quality content, you must know who exactly it is that you are writing to.

Why Is It Important To Know Your Audience

Although it may be mind-boggling in the beginning, determining a target audience allows you to focus your marketing efforts in the most time efficient way possible. Begin by clearly defining your own interests or passion that you know you can endlessly spend hours researching and blogging about and then defining the person or group of individuals that will want to read what you have to offer.

Understanding the needs of audiences is essential. You can often discover exactly how you can meet audience needs through careful research including running a focus group, scanning industry reviews or doing a market survey.

Just imagine researching, writing topics and marketing your blogs to a broad audience. Every person from every little corner of the population has different interests and needs. Each one has a different focus and it is very crucial to determine which ones among billions of those people that scour the internet would be your target audience.

In reality, your target audience consists of close to 7 billion people that populate the world, 3.4 billion of them have high-speed internet and would love to have access to any information that interests them or would be able to answer their questions and help them.

That is a massive audience, isn’t it?

So within this post, I am going to give you some guidelines that will help you target your audiences and show you what is the importance of doing so, to send you in the right direction.

target audience

Tips That Will Help You Define Your Blog’s Target Audience

Don’t we all wish that we are well-known bloggers who can just write about anything under the sun and still have an enormous amount of comments and followers. Unfortunately, this is not usually the case.

A big part of running a successful website, especially for those that are not prominent yet is the strategy behind getting up to speed. It goes beyond picking a topic and then writing about that topic. So let’s begin.

Who really is your target audience

Perhaps the most crucial question to ask yourself when you start a website even before beginning your blogging journey is who exactly do you want your audience to be? Who do you want to write for? What specific topics do you really want to discuss or write about?

Let us look into my other website I built that website intended for healthcare professionals particularly nurses because I am a nurse. I practiced as a nurse for 26 years so I know a lot about nursing topics, health care issues, nursing techniques, health conditions, prevention, etc.

I know that I can spend endless hours writing about that particular niche because I am passionate about it and my goal was to have a wider reach when it comes to my nursing practice.

Even though it is intended for healthcare professionals particularly nurses it is more likely that I would include blog posts about health conditions and prevention which is a bit broad if you think about it but in the long run, it is narrowed down to nursing care and nursing practice.

I know that with this niche I can easily and thoroughly engage with my audience because of my expertise and experiences, which makes it time efficient and easier for me as I don’t have to spend time researching too much and trying to understand different medical terminologies.

To me it is almost similar when I was journalling or writing in my diary wherein rather than writing or talking to an unknown entity online, I always have my particular audience in mind. It makes it very comfortable because I know that we all speak the same language and can easily relate to each other.

Although, it is more than likely that even though I am targeting healthcare professionals mostly, I will have other audience that will be interested with my blogs especially those that has questions about a specific care of a certain health conditions which is still alright because I intend to help and educate anyway.

And in my opinion, the more audience I have the better right? Who does not want more traffic?

Which goes down to the next section…

outside of target

It is not a bad thing to have readers outside of your target audience

As I have mentioned above, understanding who you want to write to is very important but more than likely, it is possible that you can draw in some other’s attention by making your content less selective and really packed with information. With that, means, simply reach out to them and acknowledge them as if they are already reading your blogs.

With that way of thinking, write in a way that you are including them by familiarizing them with your niche and your common topic which eventually might turn them into a loyal follower.

It is like expecting a guest every time, so always be prepared. And it could be that your avid reader could have drawn them in to your website. Word of mouth or sharing is one of the best free marketing.

Be mindful then of the jargon that you are using. For your avid followers, it could be that you have established that familiarity, so they know exactly what you meant when you say SEO or PO when it comes to my nursing website. Which could then be written as Search Engine Optimization or Per Orem or by mouth, to give the reader a better understanding of what they are reading.

So keep others in mind when writing a blog as not everyone that will stumble upon your content is well versed with your terminologies. In this way, everyone who comes along will feel welcomed and less of an outcast.


Have you identified your target demographic

Understanding exactly the specifics of your audience is essential too. So identifying the following are important:

  • What are their ages?
  • Their specific regions or areas that they reside.
  • Are they mostly male, female or both?
  • What are their level of educations?
  • What mostly are their occupations?

Knowing these specifics, will give you a better understanding on how to approach certain topics and will also help you choose the proper wordings to use. Like if you are targeting younger female audience you can use terminologies that they mostly use nowadays as suppose to an older more educated audience would probably prefer a more formal and intelligent terminologies.

Once you have identified the specific demographics of your target audience you can craft a specific marketing strategies also that will appeal specifically to them and eliminate an air for inappropriateness which will also help set the tone for your future topics.

narrowed niche

Have you narrowed down your niche

Generally speaking, having a focused niche for your website and blogging is the best way to really define who your target audience are. Organic traffic mostly are those that stumble upon your site through SEO, in which those specific audience most likely were looking for answers that is within your niche and became loyal to you because they got attracted to your content as you have something in particular and plus you offer valuable solutions to their problems.

In other words, you have valuable contents that helped them and will help them over and over again as you build up your website.

A niche is simply a group of people denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.

These are a group of individuals that are interested in something that is very specific. It is very complicated when you are writing to a broad audience and it is also hard to market your website that way.

I compare that with a woman who is hormonal or pregnant and doesn’t exactly know what she wants to eat so when her husband asked her what she wants, she’ll say whatever for as long as there are vegetables in their menu but when the husband picked a restaurant she didn’t like it because it’s not the type of restaurant that she fancy.

It came down that she likes American dish rather than a Filipino dish. There are a lot of varieties when it comes to dishes and so as niches. If the wife specified the type of dish or restaurant that she wanted, then it would have been much easier and less complicated.

Same with a niche in Health and Wellness, it is too broad that it’s very hard to target a specific audience. Health and Wellness niche has to be slimmed down more to a narrower niche. Like there is this guy who has a website discussing everything about IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

He blogs about diet, prevention of flare-ups, medications, etc for IBS. His audience is very much targeted so most likely he will gain trust easily from his audience as he was able to narrow down his niche from among the many health conditions thus he would develop the authority over that topic easily.

The online world is massive, there are 3.75 BILLION people looking for specific topics on the internet. This online marketplace is so vast so you want to really become an expert within the very specific category you choose.

So when you pick a niche dig into it a bit more and see if you can narrow it to a more specific audience. Taking into consideration, the amount of people within every niche you can imagine is the beautiful part about blogging. With the way our technology is going, the advancement and the more places and areas that the internet is reaching It is not going anywhere and as every year goes by, there is opportunity absolutely everywhere you look and it only continues to grow.


The Key Take Away

Ultimately, the goal is, once you established a relationship with your audience, to provide a place where your audience knows they will be getting quality and consistent content. Your audience will be so familiar with your work and style and will feel like home whenever they are in your site so you have to deliver valuable content on a regular and consistent basis.

Now, explore and find that group of people to write your blog for! If you need any help with regard to this or want to get feedback on your ideas for a niche, leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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